re-think your traffic sources

Your current social media or PR strategy to bring in traffic is NOT going to work the way it did before. The attention to your message is not there. It has also gotten NOSEY everywhere, with everyone, try to sell ANYTHING!

Take a step back and re-think where your traffic sources are and pay attention to what is happening to that traffic. Do you have Google Analytics setup? If yes, how often are you looking at the data? What are you looking at when reviewing your data? If you are not sure, hire an expert and have them teach you what trends and patterns to look for in your traffic data.

Companies that focused primarily on either social media, paid ads or a referral network are experiencing funnels and leads drying up due to the shift. To ensure you have a balanced approach to traffic building, you must create a diverse marketing mix of at least four sources—known as the 25% Rule—to never depend on one marketing source for more than 25 percent of your business leads.

Reach out to niche influencers, setup virtual events to engage with your customers, get in front of the camera and go live .. whether you can make the sale or not, you’ll have made a friend in the business.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a good referral. If you are reliable and deliver a fantastic good or service, make sure your clients know you appreciate all referrals.

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