now is the perfect time to network for referrals

When budgets are shrinking and marketing dollars are evaporating, it’s time to focus on high ROI activities — the ones that cost the least and produce the most benefit. Networking is on the top of that list, and here’s why: virtual networking is free and offers huge upside potential.

Check the full article below, but here some of my favourite parts to help you see the big picture here:

  • First, your goal is to build out a network of strategic referral partners, including other businesses that service your ideal client.
  • Second, your goal is also to create a network of professionals who provide the expertise that your business needs but is outside your zone of genius.
  • Ask yourself “Who provides goods or services to my client right before they need my expertise?” – they become your referral source!

Finally, When networking, remember to take an interest in the other person’s business. Listen and pay special attention to what’s important to him or her personally and professionally. Let them know that you care. Establish a true connection grounded in mutual understanding, trust and kindness, because where connection grows, business flows.

Check the full article here

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