what if you can never fail? or succeed?

We cover one of my favourite topics “Failure vs. Success” Failure (fail) or Success (pass) is for school! A way to grade you and move you on the next level. It DOES not apply in real-life. Nothing is that absolute or finite in results!

Life is a series of goals, achieved by working on micro-tasks that help you get to your goal. The more tasks you can finish, the closer you get to what you want. Simple. The fewer tasks you finish, the further away you are from your goal! .. and sometimes, along the way, you realize, you don’t even WANT that goal anymore, and stop. That is OK too!

When you remove the emotion from it, you can focus on the results and not what ‘others’ think. How many times have you stopped pursuing something because you were afraid that if you ‘failed’ .. you will be ashamed in the eyes of other people? We talk about his and more..

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