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How To Create Multiple Streams Of Happiness | PART 1 of 3

Multiple Streams Of Happiness? | How To Find Happiness

I have been spending a lot of time researching affiliate marketing and other types of passive income. Researching on YouTube for anybody that’s looking to create multiple streams of income is literally billions and billions of content. During one of my late-night researches, I paused for a second and was thinking about how there is so much content on multiple revenue streams but the one thing that the income is supposed to get us all to is happiness and there was very little on that topic.

The idea that when you work really hard, have a purpose in your work, I can find meaning to the people you help that translates into a profitable business you are supposed to be happy. That’s not the case is it? it’s not an A + b = c formula where C is happiness and not one thing or one person can bring us happiness!

So then I started looking for happiness. How to build a multi-channel HAPPINESS PIPELINE?

As a South Indian growing up, I’ve always been told the same thing work hard, and that’s where happiness is. But as hard as I worked, I realize I wasn’t happy because my perception of happiness was out of my control and directly with the other people whose approval I was seeking. And the less they approved, the more unhappy I was. And even when everybody around me agreed with the things I was doing, I still wasn’t always happy.

I’ve also had people tell me, “you can’t always be happy” Well, why can’t we always be happy?

So I started to redefine what happiness meant to me! You see, when you begin to redefine what pleasure means for you, you can begin to create the paths that can lead you to different types of joy.

This is the beginning of a 3-Part blog and I hope you can stick around and learn more.

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