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How this 20 second trick can change your life | How to build momentum

20 seconds can change your life!

For real!

Answer me honestly, how many times have you backed out of an opportunity out of fear?

Have you ever noticed someone at the bar (substitute networking event, conference, seminars etc.), and you didn’t approach them? What held you back?

Have you sat with your prospect list but don’t pick up the phone to call? – Shy? Why? 

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” This Chinese proverb means that a person must begin his or her journey to reach their goal or destination.

How do you take the first step? Next time you feel stuck, try the 20-second method. It is simple but can change your life .. ready for it? I have personally benefited from this method. 

DO THE TASK FOR 20 SECONDS – give yourself 20 seconds to try it anyway, No matter what your brain tells you. No matter how horrible you think, the outcome will be. It is only for 20 seconds, and if you hate it after you start, you can stop it, 20 seconds. Fair? – Do it!

  • Talk to that person at the bar for 20 seconds.
  • Email or call your prospects for 20 seconds
  • Workout for 20 seconds 
  • Read a book for 20 seconds.

The hesitation you are feeling is not fear; it is a lack of motivation – but once you start, your momentum takes over, and you stay on task. GUARANTEED 

In the early days of my agency BlueBand Digital, I used to be terrified of networking events. Still, they were key to business development and finding new talent for my agency. I would go to an event every evening, but I would go and stand around, shy and afraid of connecting. I started using this ‘20 second’ method, and here is how it would go down. 

  • I will find someone in the crowd (anyone) how seems approachable, alone, usually in the process of doing something so I can join in
  • I turn on my mental stopwatch for the 20s as I approach them
  • Silence my inner voice that is scream to stop – only 20 seconds
  • Say hi – and see what happens
  • 20 seconds is a long time when you do anything ‘cold’ – time seems to slow down, but when you stick to you, magic happens. You did it anyway – and that is a signal your brain can’t handle. 

What I found is that once I break the initial barrier, the entire room becomes my playground. The first person is the icebreaker. The 20 seconds kick started everything else for me at the event. It created the momentum I need to spend 20 seconds with EVERYONE, and if the conversation when well, I can stay; if not, I moved on when their 20 seconds were over. 

More recently, I started to work on my first book. It is a slow process for me, and I realized that I am not a good reader and an OK writer. I hated blogging, but I need to learn how to articulate my thoughts into better stories. I need to write more. I struggled to get started for a week, and then I used the same ‘20 second’ method. I write for 20 seconds every day. But, the fantastic thing is that, once the ideas start to flow for the first 20 seconds, I continue to pour my thoughts into the article. Today is day 12 – I can’t believe I have written 12 articles. 

No Fears. No Excuses.


Photo Credit:
Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

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