episode 4: patience, persistence, passion

We talk with Doc. Amitha/Artist Abhithi about so MANY COOL IDEAS TODAY! What a firebomb of a #boss < I don’t even think this sentence makes any sense, but that is how I am feeling after the session today!

The show started with a review/overview of the 3 P’s. – Patience to build anything of value. Persistence to learn and grow. Passion to take the hits and continue going. If you are not sure or need help to GET BACK UP after a knockdown, check out the episode on Knockdowns vs. Knockouts here.

  • “living a hand-me-down’ life and owning it
  • listening to your heart and finding your strengths
  • creating new habits to power your focus

and SO MUCH MORE! .. Check out the show, leave a comment please!

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