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Build your emotional bank | How to get out of feeling down

When all the travel and speaking gigs got cancelled, I finally got a chance to review the footage from the 2019 tour – this one was special. I got an opportunity to share my story and some tips with a fantastic group of high school students. Kareem Perez, I miss those days!

I shared how I learned to build my ’emotional bank’ by observing moments in my day-to-day that make me happy, confident, and assertive. When life gets hard, your ’emotional bank’ is the inspiration source. I have my fav song(4:44), movie(Scarface), food(Butter Chicken) and outfit (anything with my bowties) that will INSTANTLY change my mood and mindset for the better. I have learned to bank 1000s of moments that I can withdraw from to help me get past tough times. 

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