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Thoughts / 06.01.2021

Pitch your mom first. I don't care what the idea is or what the category is, or how technical your solutions - if you can't explain your vision to your mom - you can't pitch it. This hesitation for founders to shy away from they are...

Thoughts / 05.01.2021

Don't Take Good For Granted. In a world where the consistent message is 'Be Epic', 'Be Great', "Go big or go home," I just wanted to remind you that 'good' is GOOD. Got a good job, and that pays the bills? Good! Got a good family life, and...

Thoughts / 04.01.2021

I spent most of 2019/2020 with this one burning question - "What motivates me in life to take risks?"  From the age of 18, I have been taking risks - betting on myself, riding a trend, making assumptions of products and services the market will buy...