Are you not using lead gen landing pages??

Marketing funnels are KEY to converting customers! An add on social media will ONLY get you awareness and hopefully the value of your product or service resonate and helps to stop the scrolling of the feed. Since there are so many limitations with ads, you usually cannot explain too much on why they should buy your product or service. This is when a lead gen page as part of your marketing funnel is key!

When a customer is interested in your company, sending them to your website and dropping them on the land page is the best to NOT MAKE A SALE. It’s window shopping. They will look around or in most cases, feel lost and leave. When you have well designed landing page, it helps to keep them focused on WHY your product or service makes sense in their lives. What problem are you ready to solve? Answer any concerns immediately and perhaps, make the sale!

In addition, to help you understand traffic, a landing page also helps you to ‘pixel’ the visitor and benefit from the power of retargeting. This is MASSIVE and so many clients we help are missing the boat on this. Let’s summary quicky ..

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What’s a Lead Capture Page? (Read the full article here)

A lead capture page is a type of landing page that offers your audience something in return for their email address or other information. This means that any page with a form on it can be considered a type of lead capture page—including ebook download pages, demo request pages, or newsletter sign-up pages.

Unlike other pages on your website, a lead capture page only has one goal: exchange a lead magnet (or reward) for your visitor’s info. Get this exchange right, and you’ll be able to turn more of your fans and observers into full-fledged leads and customers. Your lead capture page has one goal, so figure out the least amount of info you need from visitors to make that goal a reality. The Bruery, for example, has been brewing bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout for ten years and is growing a list in a straightforward way: they only ask for an email address. No need for names, phone numbers, or addresses—they know they can gather that information at checkout.

There are multiple ways someone can discover your offer. When you create a lead capture page, think through all the best ways to attract your target audience. Social Ads – Ads on social media will allow you to use filters and the social media platform’s demographic data to target exactly the right type of audience. But even with all of this targeting, your reward must be compelling for prospects and leads who click through. Email – Your email list is a powerful traffic source with incredibly high conversion rates. Optin monster found that every $1 you spend on email marketing earns around $44 in return. You might be able to leverage email as a traffic source if you’re hoping to capture more information from leads already in your CRM.

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