We help the large population of minority and female-led tech startups that are underserved in Canada. As an immigrant entrepreneur, I understand the cultural and economic pressures they face and our incubator is designed to uniquely help.

Our 6-month program moves ideas into the market, developing new founders into leaders and achieving 1M ARR in 18 months.

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We believe everyone should have the same access to resources and support in their pursuit of entrepreneurship, regardless of their colour, country of origin or gender. 

Our Mission

To collaborate with 100 minority and female-led tech startups in Canada in scaling to 1 million in annual recurring revenue with our support, mentoring, strategy and focus on revenue.

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Our Vision

To create more diversity in the startup ecosystem, we need more women and people of colour to believe they can be founders and leaders and that their ideas can change the world.


At Bala Group Inc, we hope to create a positive and supportive space where EVERYONE has a chance to take the winning shot.

Bala Group Inc.

We aim to help a 100 founder in the next 5 years build their dream startups and get to 1M ARR with our support. 

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