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3 Roles for the successful launch of your startup

If you are starting a new company, ignore the titles and consider this for a minute. As a serial entrepreneur myself and working with 100s of startups in 2019, I believe these three roles are critical to getting your startup from idea to revenue. Don’t focus too early on titles – focus on the impact.

(in order)
#1 – The innovator is usually the person who dreamt of the startup or solution. Typically CEO, but not true for all startups. Someone who is close to the problem and is passionate about how to solve it.

#2 – Grower, this person is focused on getting the world to turn its spotlight on your company. This person is growth-focused and wants to be unleashed onto the world. Be your evangelist. Most often, blind belief in the impact of the solution.

#3 – Realist, this person doesn’t sip the same cool-aid as the innovator and grower. Their job is to ask the hard questions. Poke holes, look for potholes and hold everyone accountable.

The more we ask the innovator to be the grower, the growth stops. Teams without a realist stay in MVP longer or go to market with the wrong assumptions.

Before you focus too much on titles, concentrate on allocating people to the right roles.

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