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3 Reasons You Should Start Live Stream!

3 Reasons You Should Start Live Stream!

Why should you start streaming?

“What are you watching?”

It is the most common question since the start of the pandemic, and never has there been a better time to go all-in with streaming for your business or personal brand. 

Content has always played an essential role in creating relationships with customers. As we evolved from blogs to social media, their appetite for content that adds deep value is only increasing – and the opportunity for you to build a thriving community is expanding. 

I have always preferred video/audio content vs writing! I find the process of blogging (what I am doing as you read this) frustrating and slow for my brain. The red lines that show up with bad spelling and grammar distract me from my thoughts. 🤦 When COVID opened up the opportunity to embrace live stream, I jumped all-in! 

  • When DESIFEST got cancelled, we moved to FB Live and was the FIRST brand in the community to live stream content every night! We invented shows. We connected with strangers who become friends. We put our authentic self out to the world, and our business grew – over 12k fans (from only 3k over ten years) follow DESIFEST, and we reach an average of 300k fans per month. Even in the pandemic world, we raised over 100k in sponsorship and funding. 

(If you want to see my DJ battle with my daughter (26 mins, she kicks my butt, click here > https://www.facebook.com/desiFEST/videos/173653287302296)

If you are curious about the impact of integrating live streams into your brand, here are my thoughts on its benefits:

Borderless identity – the cheapest way to open new markets

You reach a larger audience in real-time, and your brand has no geographical ceilings. DESIFEST grew from a North American brand to an international brand with minimal marketing/pr expenses. Traditionally, the cost would be very high to open new markets. When fans find value in your content, they invite their trusted network to your circle. During each one of our live streams, we connected with fans from across the world! 

Encourages personal development through the discomfort

I find live streams to be a unique personal growth tool! When the camera is on, and it’s real-time! There is no stopping or pausing to reshoot. It is happening NOW. You have no idea who will watch or what they will say – You learn how to think on your feet asap. You learn how to share your thoughts with strangers – you learn how to find your authentic voice. You feel the butterflies, the nerves and still fight through the emotions. You build your comfort in handling the uncomfortable

Content inspires relationships

Your content will inspire relationships. People buy from people. #facts – jumping on #instagram live, #facebook live, or on #clubhouse, when you reach out to help and add value when you contribute to the ecosystem, you are investing in building relationships in real-time. Another way to think of it is to imagine your customers are coming to your store or office to learn more about you and ask questions – except it is happening on your live stream! Each month, when we host our Q&A sessions on Schoolio, parents show up to talk, and then we see a lift in curriculum sales. It works! Ravi and I have been on Clubhouse hosting daily conversations, and it is now attracting customers. 

The only reason I can think of why you WOULDN’T want to start your live streams is – FEAR!

  • fear of embarrassing yourself
  • fear of low viewers
  • imposter syndrome 

I have felt all of these concerns, and I can tell that these FEARS are the EXACT reason you MUST get started! The benefits to your business and personal growth far outweigh your fears.


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