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"With Bala Group, I want to help entrepreneurs become impactful leaders. Our approach focuses on helping founders gain clarity in their purpose, become conscious leaders and learn how to create sustainable revenue. Our unique services offer a blend of consulting, mentoring, education and investment"

Sathish Bala, CEO
  • Solution Audit
  • Supply Chain Audit
  • Customer/Marketing fit 
  • Revenue models
  • Third party/affiliate setup 
  • Prospecting (90 days)
  • Startup Visa
  • Demand generation
  • Results focused
  • Clarity methodology 
  • Growth planning
  • Finance/HR
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Expansion Planning
  • Stress management
  • Raising capital

We believe when founders choose to make conscious decisions, they build businesses with purpose and profit. Their culture and customers reward them with results. 

Over 7 days in Toronto, our immersive education program teaches founders how to find clarity in their purpose and communicate it to their teams and customers. When everyone is aligned, then only is the outcome is business growth! 

Get funding for your idea

My team and I are inspired daily by the entrepreneurs we meet. Their passion and purpose moves and motivates us. Our Impact Fund helps early stage startups with micro investments to build business momentum. In addition to the fund, we support our founders with resources, coaching and sales

We look for motivated founders and SAAS based solutions to solve real local problems.

We give 100% to every founder who trusts us to deliver results.

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Toronto, ON 

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